Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oh my blocking

Well. Wait hold on I have to see what I posted last time. Okay.

I've got over a foot done on the Basketweave scarf with the Sugar'n Cream stuff. It's weird looking and I don't know if I like it but Mom and Sister too so I'll keep going with it. Also it's easy and I don't have to think about it which is nice for knitting in the car and when watching a movie.

I have not started the Hug thing back up again. I started knitting a swatch but didn't even finish that.

I have also not done anymore on the Branching Out scarf, sadly.

I have, instead, spent all my time knitting the Isabeau Purse. I believe I cast on on Thursday, knit most of the body on Friday while watching the Passion, and finished everything up today. I spent like five hours on it today. I blocked it too. I've never done that before. Here it is being blocked the first time.

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And no, those are not rust proof needles. They're safety pins. I messed up a lot. I didn't pick up the stitches right for the sides and so it goes over farther than it should. Also, I do not have any clue how to crochet. So the sides and the strap were totally winged. So I don't know. I think it'll look okay. I've got this fabric with hot air balloons on it for the lining. I have no idea how that'll go either.

Yesterday I made a skirt. Well, it was a dress first. I just chopped it off and took it in a little and put elastic in it. It turned out nicely actually. It's brown and tiered or whatever. There will be pictures. But I was so frustrated putting it together, the same with this purse. I just kept going though, not really caring if I made any mistakes. Ah well.

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