Sunday, July 16, 2006


Can you believe it? Of course, it is only a dishcloth. I knit it up in the car on the way to Ohio and then another hour or to and my Grandma's house who was, in fact, the recipient. The pattern is from that one site with all the dishcloth patterns.. Eh heh. The feather and fan one I do believe. Made with Sugar'n Cream naturally. Grandma seemed to like it, so it's all good.

Stupid dream swatch thing is not working. I don't know. It's too wide. Does cotton block well? Cause if it doesn't I'm screwed. I really want to work on Katie's Razor Cami or Ubernatural but I need either the needles from the dream swatch or brand new ones.

And I've picked up boy's birthday present again considering his birthday is on Tuesday. It's coming along okay. I'm totally modifying the pattern. Modifying meaning like totally flying by the seat of my pants. There wasn't exactly much of a gauge and so I just knit it with less stitches and and and yeah. Who knows.


But the one benefit of the Ohio trip was that I basically knit Continental the whole way. I learned English and have found it hard to switch. It is faster, though I think it hurts my hands more. And I don't think I'm purling right. Oh well. Still a good start. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

New yarn!

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Isn't it pretty? I found a nice place for it as well. Kind of cramped though, I could probably fit more if I got rid of the box.

So from left to right:

Blue stuff is Carron and I know this because I had a skein of it before to make baby socks. It's alright. But there's enough of it for a sweater. 8-10 skeins of both colors.

Top left is that weird stuff that I don't get/have no idea what to do with.

Green stuff is nice. One skein is Carron as well, the one on the right. I think I'm going to combine them with another green skein I have and make the Purl Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. We'll see.

The multi-colored stuff is thicker and will be a scarf as well I think. There's 4.5 skeins though so it could be something more?

The burgundy skein, no idea. It's kind of weird.

The redder ones are nice and chunky and I'm hoping that they'll make Ubernatural. The white blobs there are the same stuff just in white. I didn't want to make Ubernatural in red, but when I only payed a dollar a skein for it, I won't complain.

That's it for now. Still need pics of my grandmother's stuff.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Man. It's been a month. How sad. You know I see the Blogger link in my toolbar everyday and I feel so guilty for not posting anything. Too much work. I'm so lazy about uploading and posting pics as well.

Oh hey I just discovered this post thing directly from Picasa. I don't know about doing multiple pics though. We'll see how this works.

Anyway this is Knit and Tonic's Dream Swatch. It's bit wide so I don't know how it'll work as a headwrap thing. We'll see. I hate frogging things which is why even if they don't work, I'll keep going. It's sad rather. I did get the strength to rip out the Branching Out Scarf I was making though. I just need real mohair you know, not fingering weight yarn stuff.

So the big news is that I went to a garage sale the other day and got 37 skeins of yarn for $25. If that is not a deal. It's nothing like way nice, just your general craft store lot. But the nice thing was there were many skeins of one color and I don't get to buying that much usually. SO SWEATER. I've been searching and searching for a good sweater and/or cardigan pattern. All I've really come up with so far is The Medallion cardigan in the Loop-d-loop book. It looks hard though. I also got a Vintage Knits book out of the library and there's some nice stuff in there. So we'll see. I also have some plans for a couple scarves as well. And a hat or two.

I will take some picutres sometime. I need to organize it all as well. I think I will use this bookshelf that is pretty short and not a lot of my bigger books will fit there not to mention I've got a thousand other bookshelves.

Gosh, I guess part of the problem is that once I get typing I can just go on and on and on. So basically I have seven or so skeins of some chunky red stuff. I'm thinking Ubernatural? Yes maybe? I didn't want to knit it in red/burgundy, but hey. Less than a dollar a skein? I think so.

I really should talk about this when I have pictures too.

Also I went to my dead grandmother's house in June to clean it out and I found tons of needles and yarn and unfinished knitting projects and those basket things. So I brought half of it home because that's all I could fit in my luggage.

One of these days I'll get my act together if I didn't have to work all the time. Sigh. But next weekend I'm going to my grandma's and that's always way boring so hopefully I'll get some knitting done. Posted by Picasa