Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Le sigh.

Well. Going to your lys is depressing, no doubt about it. Or just discouraging I guess. "Magic loop is so easy!" "Wahhh" And gosh things are so expensive. Fifteen bucks for needles? I do not think so.

But anyway. Here's my progress on the scarf. I'm about to where I was, oh a month ago.

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Here's the duct taped bit. You probably can't see it too well, but it's just looped and taped and stuff.

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I need to get more knitting done. I'm also working on another secret project that shall not be named. Or seen. But I have two hours of 24 and an episode of Gilmore Girls and Lost to watch tomorrow, so we'll see.

Also my dad didn't bring me home any knitting needles from my dead grandmother's house because he didn't think he could get them on the plane. Even though he could. Oh well.

Monday, January 09, 2006

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    Made from this pattern off Knitty. He went pretty quickly, but his construction might have been better. I'm still not the best at sewing things up without leaving a ridiculously huge seam. But you can't tell from the front. Also, does he need eyes?

Current project: Purple Dinosaur of Doom (!!!)

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    Here's another project I've started, from this pattern. I'm making the Brotosaurus. So far all he's got is the body and a half a leg. I'll finish him eventually. But still he's been teaching me lots of new techniques. Because of him, I know more than just knit and purl. And also the yarn isn't as shimmery as the picture shows. I need to find a better place to take pictures.

Current projectsss: Third time's a charm. I hope.

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This was my first attempt at making a Ravenclaw scarf. I started with US9 needles and just the regular stockinette stitch, but I soon realized that it was not going to lay flat. If you notice one end of the scarf is twice as wide as the other end and THAT IS BAD. So I started over on my US10.5 circular needles. The pattern I used called for 75 stitches or something ridiculous like that, so I took it down to 60. However, that was not enough. I don't have a picture, but I got halfway through the first grey stripe and I realized that it was way too wide. So I frogged it and decided to start over again with less stitches. But then I realized the plastic cord thing was too long and I couldn't stretch 45 stitches over the whole thing. And I thus became very very frustrated. But then! Then I notice the roll of duct tape that my boyfriend left at my house and I say hey, duct tape works well right. So I looped the cord and taped it and shortened it, so hopefully that will work. We shall see. I sure hope so. I'm tired of always being at the beginning of this scarf. More pictures later.