Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oh my blocking

Well. Wait hold on I have to see what I posted last time. Okay.

I've got over a foot done on the Basketweave scarf with the Sugar'n Cream stuff. It's weird looking and I don't know if I like it but Mom and Sister too so I'll keep going with it. Also it's easy and I don't have to think about it which is nice for knitting in the car and when watching a movie.

I have not started the Hug thing back up again. I started knitting a swatch but didn't even finish that.

I have also not done anymore on the Branching Out scarf, sadly.

I have, instead, spent all my time knitting the Isabeau Purse. I believe I cast on on Thursday, knit most of the body on Friday while watching the Passion, and finished everything up today. I spent like five hours on it today. I blocked it too. I've never done that before. Here it is being blocked the first time.

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And no, those are not rust proof needles. They're safety pins. I messed up a lot. I didn't pick up the stitches right for the sides and so it goes over farther than it should. Also, I do not have any clue how to crochet. So the sides and the strap were totally winged. So I don't know. I think it'll look okay. I've got this fabric with hot air balloons on it for the lining. I have no idea how that'll go either.

Yesterday I made a skirt. Well, it was a dress first. I just chopped it off and took it in a little and put elastic in it. It turned out nicely actually. It's brown and tiered or whatever. There will be pictures. But I was so frustrated putting it together, the same with this purse. I just kept going though, not really caring if I made any mistakes. Ah well.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two posts in one day!

Okay so. I have knitting ADD. I had three seperate projects with me today while watching Gilmore Girls on dvd.

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After doing some researching, I realized that this Sugar'n Cream stuff is meant for dishcloths. Probably why it looks a little strange as a basketweave scarf. So we'll see. It's 100% cotton and feels different which is something I didn't realize before, I was just so in love with the colors and the 97 cents part. But we'll see.

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Also here are some pics of the progress on Branching Out. Most of it has been done in the past two days.

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So there you have it. Question: do you think I should start using flickr?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Stashing it up.

Whoo went to Michaels today. They were having a sale. I went looking for something to replace what is running out for my hug. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be enough, but I can go back.

And then they had that Sugar'n Cream stuff that just looks nice so I got five skeins because it was only 97 cents. They're quite small but I'm hoping it's enough to make the Basketweave scarf out of Loop-d-loop. I saw someone else's basketweave scarf that was in similar colors and now I have to have it. And so, pictures!

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And Branching Out is coming along, even though I totally destroyed a couple rows. I'm just moving on.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bad bad bad

Okay so I was just going along, knitting the Hug that I mentioned in the previous post. I got to the back and I began to realize. I am not going to have enough yarn. The skein is looking quite pathetic and I still have another sleeve to do! I am so so so doomed. I guess this is what happens when you use yarn that you know nothing about. So I don't know if I want to keep knitting, or just frog the entire thing. I mean what's the point. My mom just said, hey did you know they sell yarn in stores? You can buy some more! And then last night I dreamt I was at the yarn store. So I don't know. I doubt I could match the yarn I'm already using, but you never know. But in the meantime, I've picked Branching Out back up again.

I've got two knitting books out from the library, Loop-d-loop and one for making animals. I think I'm just going to copy the pattern for the basketweave scarf and return it. Everything else is way beyond my level and kind of weird. I did see a picture of that scarf in this really pretty green and purpleish yarn and so now I want some. Hum hum hum.