Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hey it's been a while.

Wow. I started this sweater on the 11th? I thought I had only spent a week on it, but yeah I guess it was two. The first week was for the back. Anyway, it's done. I spent the past week knitting like mad. I knit at night until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Thursday night I stayed up til 3:30 knitting and then woke up to finish at 8:30. It was insane. But I finished it and I'm very proud of it. I blocked and seamed on Friday, the day before graduation. But it is my first real knitted garment.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I don't have any pictures of me with it and the dress, but it looked good. I also had red shoes.

Knitty's Spring Fling
Yarn: something cheap and wool from Michael's.
Needles: US4 (I should've done the sleeve ribbing on smaller needles however)
I used a button instead of a hook and eye, even though I went out and bought some hook and eyes. I like how the white button looks though.
There are a few spots in the back where you can tell there are some mistakes, but other than that I think it's okay. It fits very well.

I don't know what's next actually. I may go back after the Hug. Right now though, I need a couple days break. My Grandma has requested that I knit something for her, and so I may end up knitting dishcloths for the family. I still have three unused Sugar'N Cream. I have also been eyeing Katie's new razor cami. And there's so much more.

And I finally finished my Isabeau purse. All I had to do was sew in the lining and I did that on Friday too so I could use it on grad day. I will have pictures at some point. It really is the perfect size and I like it a lot.

Mom had said that I may be getting some needles or a nice lys gift card for graduation from people, but it didn't show up, so I think I will just go out and buy what I want. I think I will pass on getting one of those big interchangable needle kits and just get the individual interchangable ones when I need them. They have them at Hobby Lobby, but not Michaels I think.

Okay that is all.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Deadlines are good right?

Okay so I got this great dress from Anthropologie for graduation.

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And at the store it was shown with a lovely red cardigan. But the cardigan was almost as much as the dress and if you know Anthropologie prices... So I decided to knit one. I searched high and low and finally found Spring Fling from Knitty.

So yesterday I went out and spent a long time trying to find the perfect matching color. Finally decided on a nice red wool. Everything is going well. But then I spent all last night knitting a swatch.

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The gauge is supposed to be 6 stiches per inch. I got 4 sts/in on the size 6 needles, and 5 sts/in on the size 4's. So after some calculations, a lot of calculations, I'm knitting it as a xs instead of a medium. It should work. I really hope it does.

I haven't actually cast on yet either cause I had to work this afternoon. I did knit a couple rows of the pattern to make sure I understood it and it turned out fine. Pretty easy and repetative. Which is nice.

I also started on a secret project for teh boy a few days ago. And I want to rip out my Branching Out and do it with different yarn. And I still want to knit the Hug, I've been reinspired. Sigh.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Well. Gosh I've been a lazy knitter. Last week I worked like mad on baby socks for Penny's baby. They're a bit big but they turned out very well. Only problem I had was with picking up stitches. And I know, I'm using cheap yarn. But I only had like a dollar and maybe a bit more change so...

I'm still working on the Basketweave scarf. I'm about two thirds the way through my second skein. I am learning a very good lesson about dye lots. As in, they must be the same. Especially when it comes to striped yarn.

So today was my birthday. My mom picked up some US19 needles and some yarn at a garage sale, for free. The one skein of yarn is nice Lion Brand heavier stuff. I will try and make a hat with it I think. The other skein is kind of tacky, but will be usable somehow. Pictures eventually.
Gosh I just need to finish somethinggg.