Saturday, May 06, 2006


Well. Gosh I've been a lazy knitter. Last week I worked like mad on baby socks for Penny's baby. They're a bit big but they turned out very well. Only problem I had was with picking up stitches. And I know, I'm using cheap yarn. But I only had like a dollar and maybe a bit more change so...

I'm still working on the Basketweave scarf. I'm about two thirds the way through my second skein. I am learning a very good lesson about dye lots. As in, they must be the same. Especially when it comes to striped yarn.

So today was my birthday. My mom picked up some US19 needles and some yarn at a garage sale, for free. The one skein of yarn is nice Lion Brand heavier stuff. I will try and make a hat with it I think. The other skein is kind of tacky, but will be usable somehow. Pictures eventually.
Gosh I just need to finish somethinggg.

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Sgt Killmore said...

your mom just needs to finish something