Sunday, July 16, 2006


Can you believe it? Of course, it is only a dishcloth. I knit it up in the car on the way to Ohio and then another hour or to and my Grandma's house who was, in fact, the recipient. The pattern is from that one site with all the dishcloth patterns.. Eh heh. The feather and fan one I do believe. Made with Sugar'n Cream naturally. Grandma seemed to like it, so it's all good.

Stupid dream swatch thing is not working. I don't know. It's too wide. Does cotton block well? Cause if it doesn't I'm screwed. I really want to work on Katie's Razor Cami or Ubernatural but I need either the needles from the dream swatch or brand new ones.

And I've picked up boy's birthday present again considering his birthday is on Tuesday. It's coming along okay. I'm totally modifying the pattern. Modifying meaning like totally flying by the seat of my pants. There wasn't exactly much of a gauge and so I just knit it with less stitches and and and yeah. Who knows.


But the one benefit of the Ohio trip was that I basically knit Continental the whole way. I learned English and have found it hard to switch. It is faster, though I think it hurts my hands more. And I don't think I'm purling right. Oh well. Still a good start. Posted by Picasa

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