Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The completely finished Dollar and a Half Cardigan

Here it is folks. All the pieces have been blocked, assembled, the ends sewn in, the buttons attached. It is a real live cardigan!

My sister and I went down to the river walk in my town to take pictures. The water was quite high from all the rain. Thankfully we haven't experienced the flooding like others have.

I could never be an actress/model. Well for obvious reasons, but also because I cannot keep a straight face in a photo. That's when my sister decided to keep my face out of the photo. Focusing on the sweater is the point anyway.

Dollar and a Half Cardigan

Specs are on my Ravelry project page. I'll have you know that I lost two needles in the process of making this thing. I do not know how it happened, perhaps transporting the whole thing between my house and boy's was too chaotic. But the real problem is that I lost one US4 and one US6. I couldn't even lose the same pair so I could easily replace them!

I am quite happy with the results. It is not quite fitted enough for my tastes, perhaps a bit too slouchy. The shoulder seems also hit a bit low on my arms which is kind of a mystery to me. But it is a nice length. The sleeves ended up belling out towards the end which isn't awesome, but bearable. It is definitely something that I will wear and that is what counts.

Here are more pictures from the adventure. Muffin made me take off my shoes and walk across the flooded path even though I am kind of a safety freak.


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Cassiemarie said...

The sweater looks super cute! Nice Job!