Sunday, May 04, 2008

Summer at last

Finally, after a couple weeks of late night paper writing, I am free. The semester is over and I don't go back for four months and when I do I will be spending it in London. Yay.

I have begun regular knitting again. I am so tempted to start new projects, but so far I have been sticking with the Shifting Sands scarf from last post. Knit some of it today while watching my brother march in my town's Loyalty Day Parade. However, I'm afraid that the loud horns and candy throwing children distracted me, as I seem to have ended up with a few extra stitches. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

One of the nice things about being home is being able to cook my own food. It's very satisfying, in more ways than one. Today for lunch I made couscous off the recipe on the back of the box.

It was roasted pine nut couscous and the recipe had me add some olive oil, garlic, chicken broth, and asparagus (substituted with spinach). I added a piece of that microwavable chicken which is quite good despite its frozen nature.

My cat, Winnie, joined me as well. I think she missed me because she's been hanging around a lot more than usual. That, or she just likes to stare out the window at the fish that reside in our backyard pond.

Tonight I plan on swatching for the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. I have heard good things and bad things so we will see how it all goes.

Bonus cat photos:

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