Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh goodness.

Oh it has been so long. I am the worst blogger. I have such high hopes and aspirations and I admire so many other bloggers, but I just can't keep it up myself. Usually I have no problem with people making excuses, but there is no point for me to do that here. I will just keep reading other awesome bloggers and hope that they inspire me to keep going.

Just because I have not been blogging does not mean that I have not been knitting and crafting over these last 11 months! I will try to give an overview of the highlights.

First, in reference to my last post, a mere 11 months ago, I bring you my new bedroom:

The walls are a lovely blue and the contrasting yellow chair fits right in. My stash is neatly organized, as is my personal library. These pictures show my nonfiction collection on the built-in/makeshift shelves on the left. On the right is the young adult section. I have plans to paint those bookshelves, but that did not happen last summer. The piece of art on the floor is a Monet print, which will be hung eventually I am sure.

I strayed from my original color scheme because I could not find the right comforter. Trust me, I looked everywhere. However, I eventually found this lovely comforter set on sale at Kohls. There is a small bit of yellow which ties in the chair perfectly. I now have matching green curtains and a "Shabby Chic" curtain rod from Target. I also have plans to knit some covers for throw pillows. Another ones of those ideas that never quite became reality.

But despite the unrealized plans, I am quite happy with it. I hate my room at school now because it just does not compare to this. I love coming home from a stressful week at school to this soothing blue, comfy bed, and my hundreds of books. The literary critic Wayne Booth thinks that readers should be in relationships with books and friends with their authors. It's true! I really do love my books, both their physical form and the ideas contained within. /English major and Librarian love fest

Last summer I also had a lovely lunch with my friend Hannah. We are pretty much soul sisters. Every time I see her I am reminded of how much we have in common. She came over one afternoon for an outdoor meal of french bread, chilled berry soup, and chicken and tortellini salad with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

And Hannah made this delicious blueberry cheesecake. And lucky for me she left it at my house so I got to devour the leftovers.

After lunch, we sat in the shade in our new patio furniture and talked about The Feminine Mystique, while knitting. It was quite a delightful afternoon, hopefully to be repeated this summer.

My final treat is this felted bowl. I made two for my grandma for her birthday. The other one was in a nice burgundy but was smaller and shallower. I used Lamb's Pride Worsted for both. They were quite fun actually. Nothing in the round stockinette. I had never felted before either, so that was an interesting experience. They did not shrink as much as I had hoped, but they were still enough when they dried. I pulled this one over plastic bowl while it dried to keep some shape. The ridge at the top came from the bowl as well. I think it is a nice touch.

I hope my grandma liked them, as I was not there when they were given to her. She has enough good things to say about my cousin's pottery bowls that she made in middle school so I am assuming she liked these as well.

That was my summer. I suppose the embroidery will have to be another post, this one has gone on quite long enough.

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