Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm back!

I have returned from London. It was amazing as I am sure you can imagine. There are many, many pictures over on my Flickr from England and also my travels on the Continent. Click the picture below of the Thames to take you there.

Not surprisingly, knitting was not a frequent occurrence while abroad. I was able to knit Ysolda's Gretel during many hours in a coach. I'm blaming my car sickness for the messed up cables, but otherwise I am happy with it. It is large and it keeps my head warm and it smells like sheep when it gets wet. Which happens a lot in London.

I also finished one sleeve of Demi. Then I promptly forgot what needle size I used when I knit the second one at home. That is why this crappy picture exists. I have managed to block it to the size it should be, but it is still not perfect. Now I just have the finishing which I'm not looking forward to. Soon it will be a real sweater!

Yesterday I knit this up for my aunt for Christmas. It's Ysolda's Urchin beret. I used Lion Brand Chunky which is at least soft for being acrylic. The pattern was easy once you got the hang of it and it was nice not having to knit in the round and decrease all the time.

Bonus photo: I just got this dress today from Anthropologie for $20! I had a gift card so all I paid for was tax. I am in a lot of love with it.

I bought a large amount of Rowan on sale while I was in York so that is what going to be knit up next. It was cheap even with the exchange rate! Glorious! I am thinking "Hey Teach" from the last Knitty and/or Ysolda's Liesl. Can you tell I love her? I even visited K1 in Edinborough! I just turned a corner and its blue storefront came shining out from the rain.

Finally I would like to say a word about my beautiful Lady E. I attended I Knit Day 2008 put on by I Knit London and the Yarn Harlot was there and it was a lot of fun until my Lady E was stolen. It was in my lap during a lecture and it fell to the floor without my noticing and when I came back, literally 20 seconds later, it was gone. I asked loads of people for help and the I Knit guys were really awesome but it never turned up. So curses on whoever took my scarf at a knitting convention of all places. I would have happily given you the money from my wallet instead.

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CanarySanctuary said...

That is horrific! I'm very sorry that happened to you.