Sunday, April 13, 2008

Summer plans

So over winter break, Wool and Company had their magnificent sale, and I woke up early enough to get 40% off. I bought a sweater's worth of each of these two yarns:

Cascade 200 Heathers - Christmas Green
Note: It is a very green green that would not photograph properly despite the abundance of natural light. I had to tweak this color with Picasa so it is closer now, but really it is about the same as the text on the label.

I also was able to get about 9 skeins worth of Skye Tweed in Scottish Mist. Pretty!

So what should I knit? I am thinking about a cardigan with the Skye Tweed and a sweater with the Cascade. I have a few things in my Ravelry queue/favorites like the Dollar and a Half Cardigan, Mrs. Darcy, or Maude Louise. Opinions? Recommendations?

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